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Photo Gallery

Joseph Joseph Joseph Logo 117869776 Dance rehearsal 125026377 more choreography 125026378 to the right 125026379 kick 125026380 directing 125026730 Joseph 125026731 Jacob 125026732 the family 125026733 nice brothers 125026734 nice shirt 125026735 young Benjamin 125026736 Meg after a long rehearsal 125731956 backpack Meg 125731957 Twirling Kennedy 125731958 just chillin 125731959 scene prep 125731960 dancing where we can 125731961 practice in the hall 125731962 close sisters-in-law 125731963 Paul leading vocal rehearsal 125732768 I got somthin in my ears - I got somthin in my nose. 125732769 vocal rehearsal 125732770 chillin 125732771 Hoe Down 125732773